Maybe I'm a little premature on this post, but this morning when I left the house the air was nice and cool. It had the feeling of a fall morning and it got me excited for the next season!

I've had this conversation with people hundreds of times. What's your favorite season? I always say fall. Winter has short days but the constant cold makes it miserable. Spring doesn't do it for me and summer is just way too hot! Here are five of the things I love most about fall:

The leaves changing colors. It's a short season, but you have to make a point to get out and drive through the rolling hills of the Tri-states to take in the reds, browns and oranges of the season.

Football, baby!

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Football equates to hanging with buddies, eating chicken wings and stressing over your fantasy league. Some Sundays it means just being lazy and laying around on the couch.

Sweatshirt season!

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I love the cooler weather. Putting on a sweatshirt and enjoying the crisp, fresh air is the best during the fall.

Visiting the apple orchard!

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We love running out to Czipar's Apple Orchard and stocking up for caramel apples and those delicious apple cider donuts. We usually do this when we're running out to look for our pumpkins, too!


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Between carving pumpkins, putting up the decorations and finding a costume, Halloween is one of my favs. Of course we always have to buy way too much candy so we have enough to eat until the Christmas cookies come around.

So how about you? What's your favorite part of fall?

~Chris Farber

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