I got home from work today and started sorting through the mail. Bill, junk, bill, bill, junk... whoa, wait a minute... a check!

I get so many of those goofy check-looking junk mail envelopes. They usually have a dummy check for $25,000 to $30,000 in them. It's always an ad to consolidate your bills.

When I opened an envelope today the outside read "payment inside," but I'm usually skeptical when I open them up.

It had my name on it and looked like a check from a legitimate bank, but I couldn't find any flyer promoting some kind of deal.

The check was for $50 and I quick googled the bank listed on the check. I dialed the number and the woman who answered asked me to read the description on the check.

"Did you buy any raffle tickets for any fundraisers last year?"

Well, yeah. A ton of them. I buy them from almost everyone who asks. I guess I'm just so used to not winning anything that it's a real shock when a prize shows up in the mail.

"Take your family out to dinner tonight, it's real," she continued.

How cool! Free money!

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So there you go! You could be rolling in free money starting Monday!

Now we just have to figure out what we're going to do with all that cash!

~Chris Farber

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