Tis the time of the year to pay Santa Claus as a visit as he makes his way around the area. Thankfully, Kwik Stop in Dubuque makes it not only easy to pay a visit to Santa Claus, but free for kids and families to experience some of the holiday magic.

This Saturday, December 2nd, from 9am-1pm, Kwik Stop will be hosting their "Free Santa Day" at their Pennsylvania Avenue location! It's an annual event that allows parents to bring their children to see BOTH Santa and Mrs. Claus and take pictures as well!

It is completely free to attend and take pictures of your children with Santa and Mrs. Claus. Kwik Stop will not only supply kids with free goodie bags, but also take a photo of your child with Santa too. In addition, they will have Santa write your child a letter to mail you and your family along with the picture they took at "Free Santa Day."

Parents can sign up to win Dubuque Fighting Saints tickets, and take advantage of several great deals at Kwik Stop too. With Santa and Mrs. Claus sitting in front of a holiday backdrop in the Dairy Queen too, it provides everyone an opportunity to enjoy breakfast and lunch while mingling with the famous gift-givers.

Photo Credit: Heather Hamm
Photo Credit: Heather Hamm

Heather Hamm of Kwik Stop/Rainbo Oil stopped in studio to talk about "Free Santa Day" and the joy it brings kids, families, and the community as a whole:

We're just getting the Tri-State area in the holiday spirit. We're bringing Santa and Mrs. Claus into our store to bring in some kiddos to have their visit with Santa for the year [Mrs. Claus] really is the cherry on the sundae for us. The two of them together are just bubbly, they're fun, and they're bringing the Christmas spirit.

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This completely free event will take place at Kwik Stop at 4039 Pennsylvania Avenue on Saturday, December 2nd from 9am-1pm. I'll be broadcasting live at the event with Y105 from 11am-1pm! For more details on Kwik Stop's "Free Santa Day," you can visit the event's Facebook page.

Take a listen to my interview with Heather Hamm below to learn more about "Free Santa Day!"

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"Free Santa Day" at Kwik Stop on Pennsylvania Avenue

A collection of photos from Kwik Stop's "Free Santa Day," which took place on December 3rd, 2022!

Gallery Credit: Steve Pulaski

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