Just like that, Halloween is over and we look ahead to the holiday season. This morning Khi Shireman, Marketing Director for Kennedy Mall checked in to tell us about a few things we'll want to keep our eyes peeled for!

Last month Khi told us about six new stores that were opening inside Kennedy Mall, and today she added another! "Purpose Nutrition" will be opening soon with some tasty new treats for shoppers to enjoy. They'll be creating nutrition drinks including meal replacements, boba drinks, and even items for kids. You should see their storefront rocking by December 1st!

Kennedy Mall is also unveiling their new 50th-anniversary commemorative mural, created by local artist Shelby Fry, with the assistance of the nonprofit organization Voices Productions. It is located in the west concourse near Planet Fitness, so you can take a look this weekend when you come out for the Dubuque Winter Farmers Market, which starts this Saturday (11/6), and will run every Saturday from 9 am until noon through April of 2022.

Kennedy Mall will be having some fun events as we get to Black Friday, and Khi mentioned seeing some live music and the return of Santa Claus!

If you are a local nonprofit that would like some exposure and a chance to make some extra money for your group, Kennedy Mall is taking applications now to be gift-wrappers during the holiday season. There are some restrictions, so be sure to call the Kennedy Mall office at 563-556-1994, visit the Customer Service counter or the Kennedy Mall WEBSITE or FACEBOOK PAGE for more information!

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