It's always great to get a phone call from Bobbi Earles. A former local TV personality, Bobbi recently joined the folks at the Community Foundation of Greater Dubuque.

While Bobbi recently joined them, the Community Foundation of Greater Dubuque has been around since 2002, envisioning a vibrant and inclusive Dubuque region where everyone can thrive.

Their hope is to inspire people to give back to their community, and they turn that generosity into lasting change across the region, increasing access to resources and opportunities that help all people succeed.

With their affiliate foundations across the seven-county Dubuque region, they chart clear paths forward that address complex social challenges, from academic achievement to economic opportunity. They are committed to engaging, listening to and learning from all corners of the community to understand its most pressing needs today and tomorrow — and then building the partnerships and assets necessary to address them.

Generosity and collaboration fuel everything they do, and everyone has something to contribute. Contact them to learn about the many ways we are building a strong, thriving Greater Dubuque for all—and how you can donate your time, talents, and dollars to transform our region.

Community Foundation of Greater Dubuque is located inside the Roshek Building on the mezzanine level.

Through the month of August they're working with Hy-Vee. Each month Hy-Vee selects a different nonprofit to donate the proceeds to from their 'Red Bag Project.' They're labeled with the phrase "Does This Make My Heart Look Too Big?" When you check out, you can buy a reusable red grocery bag and a dollar from each bag will go back to the Community Foundation of Greater Dubuque and their Forever Fund.

The Forever Fund is their endowment that is looking to the future.

If you'd like to learn more about Community Foundation of Greater Dubuque and the great work they're doing at this WEBSITE.

There are other great things coming soon, so I told Bobbi to come back anytime to fill us in.

~Chris Farber


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