Bruce catching a bite during some downtime at a live broadcast.

You may have noticed Bruce missing from the Y105 Wake Up the last couple of days.  There is a good reason he's been gone...

Today he turns 30 years old!  To celebrate he and a friend cruised down to Nashville for some sightseeing and fun.

While Bruce has a much better memory than I do, I will tell you what I can about our friendship and working relationship.  (Again, I really should have Bruce fact-check this blog first.)

We met about 7 or 8 years ago when Bruce attended one of our Y105 giveaway parties.

He didn't win, but we did have a conversation about his schooling at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville.

He subsequently became an intern for Y105, eventually completing his education and graduating.

Afterwards he joined us in our traffic department and became a fixture on the Y105 morning show.  While I could tell you a hundred things about him, I will only bore you with the most important facts about him:

  • He's one of the hardest working people I've ever met.  He works at the radio station, at the Kitchen Buffet at the Diamond Jo Casino and as an instructor at Farrell's Extreme Bodyshaping.
Bruce giving one of his signature roundhouse kicks!
  • He's always willing to take one for the team.  Case in point...
Bruce getting waxed during the Y105 Wake Up.
Bruce taking his turn as 'Boogie Beaver' during a Diamond Jo 'Club 84' event.
  • Bruce has done a lot with our clients, too.  Taking kickboxing, yoga and dance lessons, too.
Bruce catching a dance lesson at Adam's Dance Connection.
  • Bruce is even willing to do something silly with a guest or client when asked.  He never says no... he's a great team player.
Catching a plank with comedian Christopher Titus.
Bruce getting ready to dance with Adam.

In his spare time, Bruce likes seeing concerts (and meeting artists), catching baseball games and taking good care of his friends and family.  It's no wonder this guy gets caught taking naps in his office.

Bruce catching a nap between jobs.

Happy 30th birthday, Bruce!  We're lucky to have you... hopefully the next 30 years are as full and fun as the first!