It was fourteen years ago today I married my best friend.

Ok, immediately I acknowledge that this blog does not qualify as a beautiful card or wonderful gift. Yes, I am spoiling my wife with other things on our special day.

She definitely deserves it.

We're both from Dubuque and have been together since before Y2K. In fact, I managed to string Lisa along for almost 8 years before we finally walked down the aisle. We've been through 4 moves together, shared 3 cats and have one wonderful son, Jacob.

I could go on and on about how great she is but I won't bore you with why she's the best wife and friend one could ask for. Instead, I will highlight a few of the reasons she always deserves wife of the year!

She has the biggest heart of anyone I've ever met. She works with the elderly and is so patient and generous. I remember when my grandmother was passing and we were saying our goodbyes, she was engaging her with talk and stroking her hair. She was taking care of grandma when the rest of us couldn't.

When our cat was dying she held it in her arms until it passed. She told me "no one deserves to die alone."

She is a wonderful mother. Lisa always knows what to say to our son. If he's worried, sad, angry... she is more tuned in to our son than I am.

Lastly, she puts up with me. I get growly in the heat... sometimes I just have a long day and end up bringing it home and take it out on my family. She's equally loving and patient with me. She's also put up with my snoring and bad jokes for years... even the ones she's heard me say a million times. (I'll say my usual joke and she'll insist "I knew you were gonna say that!")

I can't tell you how lucky a guy I am for so many reasons, but marrying Lisa was probably my biggest stroke of luck.

I love you honey. Here's to another 14.

~Chris Farber

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