When back pain strikes, finding a chiropractor is more challenging than you'd assume. There are dozens in the Tri-State area alone, and deciphering which one is right for you and the pain you're experiencing can be immensely difficult.

Not to mention, words like "laser therapy" and "chiropractic care" might as well be a foreign language to anyone who has never experienced such treatments.

Dr. Agnieszka Cluchey of Healing Waters in Galena, IL came into the studio, alongside her husband, Cole, who handles the business management side of the clinic, in effort to provide people with some critical knowledge regarding laser therapy and what it could potentially do for you.

Cole and Agnieszka Cluchey, the couple behind Healing Waters Laser Center. Photo Credit: Steve Pulaski
Cole and Agnieszka Cluchey, the couple behind Healing Waters Laser Center. Photo Credit: Steve Pulaski

When discussing laser therapy, Dr. Cluchey did a great job at demystifying the process for those who might've heard of it but never looked into it:

With laser therapy, we have invested very heavily in the best therapeutic devices in the world [....] we also have the most advanced training available anywhere in the world through Laser Therapy Institute. There isn't anyone actually in the Midwest coming close to accomplishing what we can do with Class 4 Laser Therapy.

If you have pain or discomfort on any level, Dr. Cluchey recommends you stop in and see the wonders Healing Waters' state-of-the-art laser therapy can do for you. The process for new patients is incredibly streamlined, and the clinic works with most major insurance companies as well!

For more information on Healing Waters Laser Center, you can visit their website and get a lot of your questions answered. You can find in-depth details about laser therapy here. You can also take a listen to my interview with Dr. Cluchey below to find out more!

Healing Waters Laser Center is located at 300 Summit Street in Galena. They are open Monday (8am-7pm), Wednesday (8am-5pm), and Thursday (8am-6pm).

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