It's always so heartbreaking to hear a story of a family losing everything, especially when it happens so close to home.

On Wednesday (1-9), John Oglesby and Lisa Kloft's home in Sherrill, Iowa was struck with fire.  John and a neighbor made multiple attempts to rescue Lisa but were not successful.  John was airlifted to Iowa City with burns and smoke inhalation but is expected to make full recovery after some time in the hospital.  John and Lisa spent 35 years together and share a 26 year old son.

Over the last year Lisa had been diagnosed with and was battling stage 4 brain and lung cancer. John and their son will now need to rebuild their lives after the loss of Lisa as well as their home, which was a total loss. The rescuers even cut the clothes off of John's back so he was truly left with nothing.  Money raised through THIS GO FUND ME PAGE will first provide for a memorial service for Lisa then to re-establish a home.

If you have a few bucks to throw their way, the family would really appreciate it.

Prayers to the family and friends of John and Lisa.


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