I went to Dubuque Senior High School... (Class of '94... how 'bout a three-ram-clap?) I'm always happy to help support my alma mater, so I'm passing the info along to you.

Terri Mayberry is the head cheerleading coach and she called in to tell me about a huge ten-family garage sale that they're hosting today (6/25) until 6pm and tomorrow (6/26) from 7am until noon. It's happening right in front of Senior High School at 1800 Clarke Drive in Dubuque.

Terri's been the coach for fourteen years and very other year Terri coordinates a trip for her junior and senior cheerleaders to New York City, where they participate in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.

The money they raise from this event will offset the cost of the trip for the team so everyone can go. It costs about $3,000 for each student to go... so ten girls and three moms... you do the math!

As for items you can purchase, Terri mentioned clothes, furniture, kids stuff, books and more.

As for future fundraisers, they'll be hosting a spaghetti dinner in August at The Hilltop at Menominee. Tickets will be available soon.

In September there will be a steak dinner at The Barn in Sherrill.

If you'd like more information on any of these events or would like to know other ways you can help, you can reach out to Terri directly at 563-543-3063.

No matter what school you attended or support, I think it's always important to help every student achieve their dreams so I hope you consider stopping by to help!

~Chris Farber



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