A few weeks ago I did an article talking about having too many bottles and cans stocked up in my garage and slacking on my recycling through the pandemic.

I was having a hard time finding a place to recycle so I asked where everyone else was going to get this done. Someone suggested on social media donating my cans and bottles to the Veteran's Freedom Center, which I would have gladly done.

Someone else said they knew of a local scout who was working on a special project to earn his Eagle Scout badge who could also use the money. After messaging with a few folks on Facebook, I got a call from local scout Aidan Saul, from Saint Anthony's Troop #7.

He and his brother, Owen, stopped by the radio station this morning to talk about their individual projects.

The progression for the Boy Scouts is as follows; Cub Scout, Scout, Tenderfoot, 2nd Class, 1st Class, Star, Life and then Eagle.

Once you achieve Eagle Scout status, you can use this on your future resumes.

Aidan said to become an Eagle Scout, he is required to lead and complete a community project with his fellow scouts.

Aidan is busy building a firewood storage unit for Mount Pleasant Home in Dubuque. They currently have a fire pit with the firewood scattered all over the ground. Aidan wanted to build them a unit so their firewood could be stored in an organized fashion.

Aidan's scouting project is building a home for the firewood at Mount Pleasant Home.
Aidan's scouting project is building a home for the firewood at Mount Pleasant Home.

The project itself will cost about $600, and Aidan has already raised about $200 towards it. His plan is to construct the unit in his home garage with his dad and then cement the project into the ground with his fellow scouts.

Owen is also working towards his Eagle Scout honor by building a 'GaGa' ball pit for Lincoln School in Dubuque. I asked Owen if he attended school there, which he did not. He said he picked them because sadly they are one of the only schools left in the area that don't feature 'GaGa' ball.

His project will cost just over $1,200 to complete.

I asked the brothers what fundraising efforts they've made so far and the boys said they've emailed a few local businesses, asked family and friends and continue posting things to social media for help.

I applauded them both for their efforts in fundraising and for their community projects that help the community. I also gave them all the bottles and cans I've been trying to get rid of.

Aidan and Owen grabbing my bottles for their scouting projects.
Aidan and Owen grabbing my bottles for their scouting projects.

I conservatively guessed they took about $40 in bottles off my hands. I'm glad to say I contributed to a couple of important Tristate projects.

If you'd like to assist the boys in their journey to being Eagle Scouts, you can reach out to their mom, Meg, at 563.543.8142 or at meg.saul@msn.com.

~Chris Farber


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