November is here at Kwik Stop is helping another great organization in Dubuque.

Heather Hamm from Kwik Stop stopped through this morning with Caprice Jones from the Fountain of Youth Program to talk about their organization and how they will benefit from being Kwik Care recipients in November.

If you've stopped inside any area Kwik Stop, Dairy Queen, or Fazoli's Restaurant location, you've probably seen the Kwik Care canisters at the cash registers at each spot.

After you make your purchases, you're given the option to give the extra change to the canisters, which in turn helps an area nonprofit. (They also have a "round-up" option if you're using plastic to pay.) Each month Kwik Stop selects a different organization to help. Over the years they've donated over 1.9 million dollars in loose change and fundraising with the help of the community.

This month they've selected The Fountain of Youth Program, whose mission is to change the mindset that contributes to generational poverty. They educate those who have been trapped in this situation, and those who have not, so they do not become barriers to others who are.

One of their programs is titled Partners In Change, a core program for Fountain of Youth, which gives participants the skills they need to function effectively. It has given people their children back, helped some get their driver's license, open bank accounts, raise their credit scores, helped with employment, and learning to love themselves.

Another program is called Real Talk, which is a support group that uses a cognitive-behavioral approach and critical thinking.

Caprice estimates the program has helped over a thousand people since its inception.

You can learn more about their great work at their WEBSITE, and help support by giving your change all month long at any area Kwik Stop!

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