The holidays are quickly approaching. With the pandemic if full effect, many of us will be looking for alternate ways to celebrate with fellow employees and customers.

Tom from Envision Tees stopped by with some great ideas this morning.

He suggested if you're a business owner you could supply your staff or customers with great looking company apparel... like coffee mugs, custom swag boxes, water bottles and more!

Envision will even ship them direct to your home or office, so no need to have any contact with anyone.

It's as simple as a visit to their WEBSITE or by calling 1-800-TShirts for more information.

If Covid has made doing business harder for you and you're looking for a way to make additional revenue, Envision can also build you an online store featuring great merchandise branded for your business so your customers can support you and your business in a very different way this holiday season!

Best of all, custom customer merch stores are FREE to setup and they ship direct to your customers home... so you don't have to touch a thing!

Again, you can call 1-800-TShirts or visit their WEBSITE for more information!

Envision Tees is locally owned and operated, so take pride in knowing you'll be buying and supporting local!

Happy holidays...

~Chris Farber

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