They say everyone gets excited when the circus comes to town. Whether you're nine-years-old or 99, the tents, acrobatic stunts, and the many animals seem to dazzle.

The El Kahir Shrine Circus intends to do just that when they roll into Dubuque on Tuesday, April 12th, 2022, at the Five Flags Center.

I got to chat with Ringmaster "Lucky" Malatsi today, as him and his crew are just a few weeks ahead of setting up shop for a night of gravity-defying stunts and animal fun in Dubuque. You can sense the committed ringmaster's unmistakable excitement from the moment he starts talking about all the fun they have planned.

"We have spectacular acts from all over the world," Ringmaster Lucky told me. "People from Guinea, West Africa, Columbia, South America, Brazil, Mexico, and these great United States of America."

As stated, animals are an integral part of the show: horses, camels, ponies, and dogs are not only involved in the on-stage fun. They're available before showtime for a "meet and greet" aimed at children. Doors open an hour before showtime for "Preshow Festivities:" the meet and greet includes animal rides, face painting, and other fun activities.

And speaking of aim, Lucky was quick to mention the human rocket.

"The human rocket is shot 100 feet across the arena," he said as if he had just witnessed it for the first time. "It's a two and a half hour show of jam-packed fun."

Lastly, I had to know what Lucky's favorite thing about being a ringmaster was. His response was on-brand.

"Seeing the smiles on people's faces," he candidly said. "If I see smiles out there, I know I did my job."

It's sure to be a job well-done come Tuesday April, 12th. Tickets to the 2022 El Kahir Shrine Circus are available on the Spectacular Circus website, the Five Flags Center website, and at the Five Flags Center box office located at 405 Main Street in Dubuque!

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