With Christmas now over, you're seeing the lights come off of houses, trees be thrown away or stuffed back into closets, and the conclusion of a lot of celebrations all over the neighborhood. However, some people's excitement is just ramping up: with the conclusion of Christmas means the start of post-holiday sales. And Iowa has the fever for a bargain, according to a new study.

According to research from Gambling.com, which looked at Google trends, Iowa ranks second on the list of states most excited about post-Christmas sales. Gambling.com arrived at this by analyzing search volume data across the United Sates over the past 30 days.

Photo Credit: Gambling.com
Photo Credit: Gambling.com

Iowa is only behind Montana, whose citizens apparently searched for post-Christmas sales the most, according to Google Search volumes per capita over the past 30 days. Connecticut, Georgia, and Alaska rounded out the top five. Neither Illinois nor Wisconsin placed in the top 10 of the list.

Gambling.com elaborated on their methodology in a press release attached to this survey:

  • The data team at Gambling.com decided to find out which US states were the most interested in the after/post-Christmas sales.
  • After listing all 50 states they gauged the popularity of a number of different related phrases on Ahrefs.
  • The most popular phrases selected for the study were: “holiday sales”, “after Christmas sales”, & “boxing day sales”
  • Google Trends was then used to measure the popularity of all three terms across the US. The totals for all three terms in each state were added together for a final/combined score (Trends also provides results per capita - so states’ populations are taken into account).
  • All states were then ranked from highest to lowest final score.
  • All data was collected on 12/29/2022.

Gambling.com examined volume data too, comparing and contrasting past years' data with their findings in 2022.

According to US search volume data over the past year, the three measured terms are searched by the public over 20,000 times each month (on average). However looking back at statistics from previous years (November 2015 to January 2022), there is a massive surge in lookups in November, December & Januaryfor each phrase - compared to other months.

Visit Gambling.com's website to further examine their results, as well as other studies they've conducted.

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