Like most everybody else, when the pandemic started it was hard finding anyone to take your cans and bottles back to in bulk.

It started with one bag last March or April, but over the last year-plus, our collection of cans has grown 6 or 7 fold.

I know some of the grocery stores stopped taking cans back, and now when you call they suggest using a local recycling center, which I've not always had good experiences using.

A few people have told me about other places down the road, including Dyersville, Platteville and Mineral Point... but everyone says you have to be patient because it will take a good 30 to 60 minutes to get served.

Where the heck do I go with all these cans and bottles?

I think a young entrepreneur could start their own business, collecting bags of cans and bottles from those looking to unload their collection for a few pennies on the can, giving themselves a little profit in the meantime.

Has anyone else had this problem?

Where should I go?

~Chris Farber

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