Before I worked in radio, I spent 13 years...... working in the kitchen at Finley Hospital.

I learned a few skills in the kitchen and am thankful for the lessons I learned.

I apparently forgot one of the most important lessons over the weekend.

NEVER put a knife in the sink. When it's in the soapy water it's hard to see and you could accidentally pick it up with your hand.

That's exactly what I did last night while making a chicken stir-fry.

Fortunately my wonderful wife was there to play nurse and we had a 10 minute back and forth as to whether or not it was going to require stitches... but we finally got the bleeding to stop and bandaged up my hand.

The best part? I type with that hand all day long so my workday should be a lot of fun!

What's the dumbest way you've hurt yourself?


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