I hear people talk all the time about how we should support our Veterans, but a lot of people don't know what they can do to help.

I meant to post this last week, but through the entire month of July, Kwik Stop is again putting all their energy behind the Veteran's Freedom Center in Dubuque.

According to the Veteran's Freedom Center website, their mission statement includes the following:

Our Veteran’s Freedom Center exists to meet the needs of all military active duty, reserve and Honorably Discharged Tri-State military veterans past and present. We offer a place to interact with fellow veterans, network together and provide the camaraderie that all have shared while proudly serving their country.

Kwik Stop, Dairy Queen and Fazoli's Restaurant are all doing their part. When you stop into any of their locations you can drop your bills and change into their Kwik Care canisters. Everything you put in there goes straight to the vets.

As you can see in the picture above, you can also look for the Veteran's Freedom Center logo on specially marked gas pumps through the end of the month. If you fill up your ride at these pumps, two cents from every gallon goes to the vets, too! (You're gonna fill up anyway, right? Why wouldn't you use this pump?)

Lastly, Kwik Stop is also doing their loose change challenge. You may walk in to a random location and see their huge, red buckets. You can also put your donation in these containers. When you do, you're also allowed to grab a t-shirt, koozie or other swag for the great sponsors helping to support the campaign.

Watch for red canisters and the loose change challenge at Kwik Stop!
Watch for red canisters and the loose change challenge at Kwik Stop!

All the money will help veterans locally through the Veteran's Freedom Center and help their ongoing projects, like "Give a Lift to a Vet" and "Operation We Care."

For more information, you can call the Veteran's Freedom Center at 563-845-0034.

Do what you can and think of our veterans this July. Thanks to our friends at Kwik Stop, Dairy Queen and Fazoli's for letting us be a part of this worthwhile cause.

~Chris Farber


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