It can't just be me. There's something I encounter on the highway from time-to-time that gives me instant anxiety.

Whenever me and my wife see a log truck, we'll both shout out "FINAL DESTINATION!"

It's a horror movie franchise that started back in 2000. The main character, played by actor Devon Sawa, has a vision of an aircraft disaster and gets off of the plane just before it takes off... and it inevitably crashes.

For 90 or so minutes, he and the other passengers who left the plane are chased by death, as they were supposed to die on the plane.

The deaths are eccentric and outrageous, but the CGI used in the film makes things quite bloody and disgusting.

As with any horror movie that has moderate success at the box office, they made a number of sequels (that got progressively cheesy and bad).

I will say though, in part two there is a highway scene with a log truck that still sticks with us until today.

Again, if you've seen it you probably have the same phobia. If not, I'll share it with you below... but watch at your own risk. There is swearing and it is bloody! It's absolutely rated 'R.'

Needless to say, whenever we see a truck like this on the highway my wife instructs me to pass it as fast as possible.

I gave my mother a ride to the Cedar Rapids airport yesterday and on my way back up Highway 151 I saw not one, not two... but THREE log trucks in a row!

Even though I was by myself, I still shouted out "FINAL DESTINATION!"

~Chris Farber

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