It's still tough to go to any dance-club, let alone a 90s themed party, and not hear Ginuwine's infectious banger "Pony."

The endlessly catchy tune, produced by the great Timbaland, topped the hip-hop charts in 1996 and came in at #6 on the Billboard Hot 100. Ginuwine's debut single took on a new life when it was featured in both Magic Mike movies in 2012 and 2015, respectively.

Ginuwine, is set to take the Back Waters Stage at the Q Casino tomorrow, June 10th, at 7pm alongside Ja Rule and the Ying Yang Twins! Ginuwine was kind enough to join me for a phone interview ahead of his performance.

You can hear it in his voice that Ginuwine himself is a pretty genuine guy. He's humble, even lightly introspective, about his career. One of the elements that's made him enduringly popular is his commitment to that traditional 90s R&B sound. His fans love it. They don't want him to change. He is fiercely dedicated to remaining the lively party-starter he's been since day one.

Some may not know that Ginuwine is also an actor. Perhaps most famously, Ginuwine was a guest star on the popular sitcom Parks and Recreation, where he played Donna Meagle's (Retta) cousin in multiple episodes. Ginuwine was also a supporting actor in Chocolate City and its sequel, and had additional appearances in movies such as Honey and Juwanna Man.

Ginuwine (right) performing with Tyrese Gibson at the 2012 Soul Train Awards. Photo Credit: Isaac Brekken, Getty Images.
Ginuwine (right) performing with Tyrese Gibson at the 2012 Soul Train Awards. Photo Credit: Isaac Brekken, Getty Images.

In our interview, Ginuwine talked about the crowning achievement(s) of his career, his experience on Parks and Recreation, his work as an actor, and more! He also reveals whether or not he's into gambling, in lieu of performing at the Q Casino, and a few songs he wishes more people knew like they know "Pony" and "Differences!"

Take a listen to the full interview below! And don't forget to grab your tickets to see Ja Rule, Ginuwine, and the Ying Yang Twins on Friday, June 10th on Q Casino's Back Waters Stage!

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