An Iowa agency's Twitter/X account has reportedly been compromised as of Tuesday, April 30th. Details are vague, but the appearance of something being terribly wrong is readily apparent to anyone who happens to visit the page.

The Iowa Department of Transportation (DOT) X account has been hacked, according to the agency via KCRG. Those who visit the Iowa DOT's X account page will be greeted with the logo/advertisements for Renzo, which appears to be an online cryptocurrency platform.

Photo Credit: Iowa DOT, X
Photo Credit: Iowa DOT, X

A quick Google search says Renzo is "a new DeFi primitive, restaking, that allows Ethereum users to stake their ETH and secure Actively Validated Services (AVSs) that generate rewards."

Whatever that's supposed to mean. To me, who knows almost nothing about cryptocurrency, it might as well be hieroglyphics.

Per KCRG, the Iowa DOT is working with X to restore their account. At this time, the hacking appears to only have affected the agency's X account, leaving all other accounts unimpacted.

While we're on the subject, remember when social media hackings were kind of humorous? Back in 2013, somebody hacked Burger King's Twitter account, changed their profile picture to McDonald's, and subsequently started posting cheeky (and vulgar) tweets directed at the fictional overtaking. Some of the tweets were:

"We just got sold to McDonald's! Look for McDonald's in a hood near you"

"If I catch you at a Wendys, we're fightin!" - tweets made on the Burger King Twitter account during a 2013 hacking incident

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Now, when agencies or other X accounts get hacked, it's for nonsense like fictional currency that's value is completely and totally ephemeral.

All jokes aside, here's hoping the Iowa DOT's X account is restored and no information was compromised. Read more about the developing story on KCRG's website.

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