The term "pencil-pusher" has always had a negative connotation, but frankly, Aaron Bartholmey might take it as a compliment.

The Colfax, IA native is waiting to hear if his massive pencil collection will erase a world record. The current record for the largest pencil collection is 24,000, held by Emilio Arenas from Uruguay. Arenas has held the record since 2020, but Bartholmey's record is just a touch larger...

Since beginning his collection as a child, Bartholmey claims to own more than 70,000 pencils, substantially more than the current Guinness World Record. The Colfax collector told KCCI that the pencils that mean the most to him are ones from his hometown, with many being from local businesses:

[Pencils from local businesses] are the only place where there is any record of that business still, and I think it’s just a neat way to preserve history.

Last week, two counters from the American Pencil Collectors Society (which is apparently a thing) were at the Colfax Historical Society to count Bartholmey's massive collection. He's waiting to hear if the count is approved by Guinness, which KCCI reports could take up to three months.

Photo Credit: KCCI, YouTube
Photo Credit: KCCI, YouTube

Bartholmey showed off some of his more unique pencils to KCCI, including: Aspirin-filled pencils; pencils that were used to dial rotary phones; a pencil that has the Amboy High School basketball schedule from the 1949-1950 season; and even a couple of utensils over 100-years-old.

KCCI also spoke to Andrew Webster, President of the American Pencil Collectors Society, which was founded in Sterling, KS by a professor. The society is described as, "a not-for-profit hobby organization devoted toward the exclusive interests of establishing and maintaining communication among pen and pencil collectors and the dissemination of information relative to writing instruments," per their official website.

Right now, it's a waiting game for Bartholmey as he eagerly awaits to learn if his pencil collection will be deemed a Guinness World Record. For more information, visit KCCI's website.

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