When it comes to waste management, Iowans are impressive all-around. A new study from the website LawnStarter revealed that Iowa ranks favorably within the top ten in several metrics related to recycling, food waste, and more.

Some background first: on average, the United States produces three times more garbage than the rest of the world; a shocking figure to say the least. LawnStarter went ahead and compared the 50 states based on their waste-reducing polices, infrastructure, waste production, and recycling rates.

It's also worth mentioning that Dubuque has released its winter collection schedule for yard waste and food scraps. That collection process started on November 28th and is currently ongoing.

Photo Credit: LawnStarter
Photo Credit: LawnStarter

Iowa came in at #7 as one of the best states at managing waste. Here's what led to its ranking:

  • Mandatory Recycling Laws Present (1st)
  • Large-Waste Facilities per 100,000 Residents (3rd)
  • Share of Production-Related Waste Recycled (10th)
  • Food Waste Management (7th)

Connecticut, California, and Vermont made up the top three, respectively. Montana, Nevada, and Alaska rounded out the bottom of the list, #48-50.

Illinois made it inside the top 15, with high marks in recycling specifically. Its facilities did rank 26, but its policies were in the upper tier of most other states. Meanwhile, Wisconsin, which placed 14 on LawnStarter's list, was top ten in both policies and facilities. Its lowest ranking was in the sheer amount of waste it produces as a state (#43 overall).

View the complete list on LawnStarter's website!

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