Iowa's brand new football team will have to wait another week to try and secure their first victory in their inaugural season.

The Iowa Woo fell to the Ozarks Lunkers in one of the first matchups in the newly formed Arena League on Saturday, June 1st in Springfield, MO. The game was played at the Wilson Logistics Arena in front of fans of both squads, who were excited to get a look at the action. To say the least, fans of football were treated to a whole lot of offense...

Photo Credit: KWWL, YouTube + Canva
Photo Credit: KWWL, YouTube + Canva

The Lunkers defeated the Woo by an eye-popping score of 69-40. Despite all that's been revealed about The Arena League, nobody could truly be sure of how a game would look until two teams took the field to settle a score. As is customary with arena football, however, scoring was high due to the truncated field, and both teams went back and forth until the Lunkers managed to pull away.

For context, The Arena League features four teams and offer a number of changes/innovations to the game of football, according to its website. Such features are:

  • A six-on-six player format
  • A 50-yard, indoor field
  • 15-man rosters with players who play both offense and defense
  • Faster-paced games with a "quick" play clock and no huddles

Thankfully, the folks at KY3 News in Springfield, MO put together a highlight video of all the scores (and, as I said, there were a lot of them) from Saturday night's contest. One of the challenges about these new startup football leagues is finding out where to go to watch the games if you can't make it to the specific arena.

The Arena League has that base covered too. They announced via their Facebook page that they will stream all games live on their YouTube channel. That means Iowans can watch the Woo without a paid subscription of any kind. And, of course, if you missed the game, it lives archived on their YouTube channel!


Two weeks ago, the Woo announced their mascot, "Wacky Woo Loo," who will be known as "Wacky." The mascot name was chosen by a fifth grade student named Trayce Banks at North Cedar Elementary.

The mascot is expected to be present at the Woo's first home game, next week, when the Kansas City Goats come to The Hippodrome in Waterloo, IA to take on the Woo. View the Iowa Woo's full schedule on The Arena League's website.

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