Yesterday I contemplated buying a house with a pool just so I could go swimming. I heard someone make a joke today about skinny-dipping in the river and it got me to thinking. Is there a nude beach in Iowa?

Not that I'd ever go. I'd be too self-conscious to walk around naked. Not to mention with the extra pounds I've put on thanks to COVID-19, people would probably be telling me to put some clothes on, anyway.

After some careful research (you have to be cautious when you're searching the word "nude" on the computer at work), I found some data compiled by the good folks at the Orbitz website.

While Iowa is apparently not a nude-friendly state, there is a place listed called Bare Butt Hill. While the website says it's located in North Liberty between Cedar Rapids and Iowa City, another search for "the hill" says it is no longer frequented by swimmers and overgrown with weeds... ergo, you should probably not plan a trip here.

There are some other 'clothing optional' resorts in the state, not necessarily beaches. You can also find them for Illinois and Wisconsin.

Wikipedia has a page titled "List of Social Nudity Places in North America" that might be of help to you.

So I guess that leads me to the obvious question... "would ya?"



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