A better job opportunity is waiting for you at Andersen Windows in Dubuque!

Located at 2045 Kerper Boulevard, Andersen Windows makes a wide variety of windows and doors.

Reps for Andersen Windows stopped in this morning to tell us more about their great opportunities. They mentioned that they're actually the largest window and door maker in North America, and they recently became an international company.

Each of their plants makes unique, innovative items, which is what reps say makes their company so special.

Their company employs about 750 to 800 locally, but the company as a whole has about 8,000 employees. What's really impressive is that out of those 8,000 employees, the average tenure of employment is about 10 years!

Manufacturing is a booming industry right now, so Andersen Windows has a number of great opportunities right now in their manufacturing and maintenance areas. They include production workers, assemblers, team leaders, and people with supervision experience.

Right now Andersen Windows is running two full shifts that include first and second shifts. They are also running a partial third shift, so there is an opportunity available for almost anybody.

As for pay, Andersen Windows offers a competitive wage package, as well as great benefits. New employees start with 13 days of PTO and 8 vacation days, as well as a $1,000 signing bonus. There's profit sharing, 401k, medical health, and dental, too!

If you'd like to learn more, stop by their offices on Kerper or visit their WEBSITE.

They're looking for good people to make great products, so if you're a go-getter, this would be a great time to stop by and ask about a job.


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