John Legend tackles immigration and bigotry in his emotional video for his new single, “Surefire.”

The video, directed by Cole Wiley, tells the story of star-crossed lovers Jamila, a Muslim woman, and Roberto, a Mexican man. While the couple are totally in love with each other, they face major obstacles in the form of immigration, bigotry and Islamophobia. In the end, the power of love conquers all.

“Surefire” is a song about eternal faith. Faith that love is the most powerful force in the universe," said Cole Wiley about the song and video. "Human civilization is experiencing an extraordinary moment in time. We are more capable of doing more good than ever before, but we are still mired by a myriad of systemic failures that continue to arise because of our continuing lack of empathy towards others."

"That is why Jamila and Roberto face a number of obstacles that are heavily rooted in the current state of America," he continued. "Thankfully, Jamila and Roberto are able transcend those circumstances and enjoy the fullest depths of the human experience because of their ‘Surefire’ love for one another. I truly hope that their heroic journey can inspire us all to do the same.”

Legend adds, “Love is powerful. Love endures. Love can overcome the divisions that fear creates. We made this film to accompany my song ‘Surefire’ and to celebrate the power of love.”

Watch John Legend's powerful visual above.

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