Join me as I broadcast on-location at Kwik Stop on JFK Road in Dubuque on Friday, July 1st from 11am to 1pm!

The broadcast is all about raising awareness and money for Veterans Freedom Center, a Dubuque-based non-profit dedicated to helping veterans. For years, the Veterans Freedom Center has worked to aid active duty, retired, reserve, and honorably discharged veterans that live in the Tri-States. They are Kwik Stop's Kwik Care recipient for the month of July.


Kwik Stop, Dairy Queen, and Fazoli's will have donation canisters set up at their locations from June 30th through July 31st. Kwik Stop will donate two cents per gallon from each specially marked Veterans Freedom Center gas pump at each of their locations in Dubuque, Peosta, and Delhi. Look for the Veterans Freedom Center decals on the pump next time you fill up at Kwik Stop!

Veterans Freedom Center has created a special place for veterans to interact, socialize, and network with other veterans. The staff builds interpersonal relationships with veterans to assure they have a comfortable and safe space, filled with activities.

Some of those activities include: woodworking, scroll-sawing, arts-and-crafts, swimming, darts, music, computer access, and more.

Through their Kwik Care program, Kwik Stop, Dairy Queen, and Fazoli's have seen the community's spare change add up to almost $2 million since 2008. All the money dropped into the Kwik Care canisters throughout July will continue to provides veterans in the Tri-States access to the services they need to continue to build these precious relationships and everlasting memories.

July 1st kicks off the first of two broadcasts Y105 will be a part of at Kwik Stop. Consider stopping by to fill your tank at the JFK Road location or make a donation in the aforementioned canister. Every little bit helps!

The Veterans Freedom Center is located at 2245 Kerper Boulevard, Suite 1 in Dubuque. Information on their services, photos, fundraiser information, and more can be found on the organization's Facebook page!

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