We had great weather this weekend. I was determined to take advantage of the nice weather and be productive.

I spent a few hours Saturday and Sunday raking and bagging up leaves. (For whatever reason three quarters of my leaves have already fallen around my house.)

We also organized the garage a bit so we are able to get both our cars in when the weather gets really cold.

I popped by my mom's house and grabbed her extension ladder.

We've been putting it off for quite some time, but me and Lisa agreed our gutters were in desperate need of cleaning.

I am deathly afraid of heights.

Don't get me wrong... I can climb up on a chair to change a lightbulb or to kill a bug. I can also fly in a plane with no problem.

For some reason, though, I have a lot of trouble with being up high on a ladder. I did start by leaning it up to the house and reaching up to pull the leaves and gunk out. I'd do about 2 feet on each side of the ladder, then climb down to shuffle it a few feet.

Our house is on an incline and we ran out of sidewalk, so we tried setting it on the uneven grass and tried keeping it level enough to climb up.

No luck.

Lisa said we might have to actually climb up and walk to the spots that were hard to get.

I moved the ladder to a level spot next to our garage which has the smallest incline and climbed up.

Uh, oh! I knew I could get up on the ladder but I was worried that I would be too afraid to climb back onto the ladder to get down. Lisa told me to move out of the way and climbed straight up.

For almost an hour she moved around the roof of our house removing leaves and unplugging the downspouts at each corner.

When I wasn't looking, she snapped a photo of me "holding the ladder" so she could have some fun at my expense when she posted it to social media. (My mom called right away to toss me crap about making Lisa climb up the ladder!)

The job got done and we were satisfied that we really got the house ready for the cold months ahead. I'm lucky to have a wife that can literally 'do it all!'

That leads me to the question... what's your biggest fear? Drop me a message in the comments or hit me up using the chat feature on our app!

~ Chris Farber

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