Kids are bored at home? Here's a kind, productive idea!

In an effort to be helpful during this difficult time, I've been trying to be proactive in giving you useful information and ideas.

This morning I spoke with Master Sergeant Alan Rees from the United States Air Force. He spoke about his experience serving overseas during multiple deployments and spent time in Iraq.

We thanked him for his service and asked him what it's like to be overseas and away from home.

He said you do experience stress being away from family and there is added stress when a troop member is stationed in a military hot spot. Getting a letter or a care package from him means the world to them.

Master Sergeant Rees said he had received numerous letters and packages and this would make him and his fellow soldiers feel extra appreciated and supported. They would also feel a greater sense of purpose and would make their time overseas feel more meaningful.

If your kids are looking for something to do over the next few weeks, why not write one letter a day that can be sent on to a troop member who might need a pick-me-up.

Send your letters to:


13791 North Nebraska Avenue

Tampa, FL.


These letters will be distributed to active military members in all branches of our U.S. military, including the Army, Air Force, Navy and Marines.

You can also learn about more ways to help at the SUPPORT OUR TROOPS WEBSITE.

Lets do something positive for someone else with all this spare time!

~Chris Farber

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