The largest, locally owned chain of convenience stores, Kwik Stop, has announced they've opened applications for philanthropic partnerships during 2023, effective today.

Since 2002, Kwik Stop, Dairy Queen, and Fazoli's customers have been a driving force for change in Dubuque and the Tri-States as a whole. Each month, a new organization is selected as the "Kwik Care recipient." For the entire month, customers at those respective businesses can donate to said nonprofit with ease.

Donations can be made easily by requesting your total purchase at any of those businesses (including at the gas pumps at Kwik Stop) be rounded up to the nearest dollar. The additional cents used to round up will be donated to the respective charity of the month. This month's recipient is Hospice of Dubuque. Heather Hamm of Kwik Care and Tiffany Stietz of Hospice of Dubuque were gracious enough to come in the studio last week.

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From now until October 25th, 2022, Kwik Care is accepting applications from local nonprofits to be a part of their 2023 calendar. Nonprofits in Dubuque and the surrounding areas are encouraged to complete a Kwik Care partnership application form at this link if they have interest on the receiving end of the boundless generosity in Tri-Staters.

Tessa Fahey, the Director of Operations at Kwik Stop, spoke about the outpouring of support and love the Kwik Care program has seen since its inception:

With the continued generosity of the greater Dubuque community, the Kwik Care program had another year of great success for our partners in 2022. We continue to be humbled by our customers and team working together to make a difference. - Per Kwik Care's press release

Ann Lorenz of Opening Doors (left) and Heather Hamm (right) of Kwik Stop/Kwik Care. Photo Credit: Steve Pulaski
Ann Lorenz of Opening Doors (left) and Heather Hamm (right) of Kwik Stop/Kwik Care. Photo Credit: Steve Pulaski

Over the course of four decades, Kwik Stop has been donating to local non-profits and investing in local sponsorships that make the community stronger. Again, if you run or are connected with a nonprofit, and you'd like to be a Kwik Care recipient in 2023, fill out the application on their website!

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