Leah-Anne Thompson
Leah-Anne Thompson

Earlier today I read an article at our website about singer Iggy Azalea. She was miffed at her ex, Playboi Carti and decided to air her grievances publicly.

Let me fill you in briefly. Playboi Carti dropped his new album, Whole Lotta Red, on Christmas Day.

His ex, Iggy, was upset because while he was busy dropping his new music, apparently he neglected to call or visit their son, Onyx. (You can read the whole article HERE.)

While Iggy was giving this tidbit about her ex, she also dropped a few other juicy tidbits.

One of which was the revelation that while giving birth to their son, Playboi Carti missed the birth because he was busy playing his PS5.

While me and my wife were talking about this over dinner she reminded me that she got a somewhat upset at me during the birth of our son, too.

We had an induction scheduled at 7:30am, but our son Jacob decided to be stubborn and take his time making an appearance. I spent the whole day with my wife, but by 10 or 11pm I was getting pretty tired and I sprawled out on the fold out chair and started to relax next to my wife.

Naturally I dozed off and eventually fell into a deep sleep.

I'm a snorer. Not just a little sweet sounding, cute little snore, either. I do the full on, walrus snorting, window rattling roar!

My wife was uncomfortable, tired and started to develop a fever. She was hot, then cold, then hot again. Needless to say when my symphony of sound started to go full-boar she was really agitated.

Looking back we can kinda giggle about it now, but at the time she was not really happy with me.

We talked a little bit about other stories we've heard, like guys busy watching sports on television while mom is needing a hand to squeeze.

Do you have a funny experience from the delivery room? What was your man doing to agitate you?

Drop me a note so we can have a few laughs during the morning show.

~ Chris Farber



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