The commercials shown during the Super Bowl sometimes captivate people more than the actual game. They are an institution in themselves, and at $6.5 to $7 million a pop for a 30 second ad, they also don't come cheap. Most of these commercials feature well-known celebrities endorsing products, movie trailers, or websites.

But one that's sure to intrigue features a typical family, not unlike one that lives in the Tri-State region. This year, during Super Bowl LVIII, a commercial will feature a central Illinois family. The company Illinois Farm Families is back with another Super Bowl commercial following last year's success with the "We are the 96% campaign."

The Marr family featured in the upcoming 2024 Super Bowl ad. Photo Credit: WTWO WAWV TV, YouTube
The Marr family featured in the upcoming 2024 Super Bowl ad. Photo Credit: WTWO WAWV TV, YouTube

The "We are the 96%" campaign aimed to shed light on the fact that families own 96% of Illinois farms, per My Wabash Valley's website.

This year's ad is called "Career Path," and features the Marr family from Morgan County, Illinois. Marty Marr works alongside his wife, brother, and sons on their farm in New Berlin. They raise beef, corn, and hay:

What an honor it is to be able to represent this legacy and this lifestyle during the Super Bowl this month I’m only one example of what family farms in Illinois look like, but I know it is so important for all the non-farming families in Illinois to see our families and to understand that we are the ones growing their food and fuel. - Marty Marr, per My Wabash Valley's website

Marr added that he hopes viewers gauge his family's passion and commitment to farming when they see the ad. The Marr family has predicated their family farm on protecting soil and water for future generations, building opportunity, and supplying food to their community and beyond.

As part of Illinois Farm Families' larger campaign, over 25 families have been featured in their ads. This Super Bowl ad will play in the Champaign, Peoria-Bloomington, Quad Cities, Quincy, Rockford, St. Louis, and Harrisburg TV markets, per My Wabash Valley's website.

You'll also be able to view the ad on Illinois Farm Families' Facebook page following the Super Bowl, which airs Sunday at 5pm on CBS. You can find more information about the "We are the 96%" campaign on Illinois Farm Families' website.

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