The Tri-State area has something truly unique in 2015: a LOCALLY OWNED movie theater! Seriously, every movie theater I see these days is AMC this, Regal or Carmike that.


Mindframe Theaters might not have the glitzy lobby or 100 different theaters, but they're always showing the latest/greatest movies and if they have what you want to see, you should probably head to Mindframe off JFK behind the Kennedy Mall.


  1. Mindframe Theaters, like all other theaters in 2015, is digital; quality is on-par with the competition
  2. Mindframe has the best and most affordable concessions of any movie theater I've been to in several years. Check out their Super Combo: large popcorn, large soda and candy for $9.95! You know how theater concessions can get and you know that getting a large popcorn/soda and candy for less than $10 is a REALLY good deal! And yes, their popcorn is the best
  3. Support a local business that supports other local businesses. Mindframe Theaters not only hosts special events which have included local musicians/peformers, but they partner with other local businesses for promotions and/or advertising. Bottom line, they're good for our community


They have a brand new website you can check out by CLICKING HERE.


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