National Pie Day is coming up on January 23rd. To get in the spirit of indulging in one of the best desserts on the face of the Earth, the website Betway compiled some data to find the most popular type of pie in every state, including Iowa, Illinois, and Wisconsin.

In order to do this, data trackers at Betway utilized average monthly Google Trends data. They explored different pie-related searches in all 50 states in order to provide us with the data shown below. As far as our region is concerned, Iowa and Wisconsin residents share the same #1 favorite pie, although one of our states is overwhelmingly in the court of one particular variety.

Photo Credit: jenifoto
Photo Credit: jenifoto

The Most Popular Pies in the United States:

The most popular pies in the wider United States differ somewhat significantly from the favorite pies of the Tri-States. Here's the analysis from Betway:

Up first is the simple cream pie, which is usually filled with custard and finished with a distinctive whipped cream topping. Cream pies are particularly popular in Vermont, with 95 mentions per million, compared to the US average of 61.


Common in fall and around Thanksgiving, pumpkin pies have always been a favorite in the US. The filling is flavored with seasonal spices such as cinnamon, vanilla, and nutmeg. Its popularity never wavers, and it’s a longstanding staple in the states.


Third on our list is a lemon meringue pie, which has gained popularity in the US in recent decades. Those who live in Alaska seem to especially love it, with 91 online mentions recorded per million locals. - per Betway

Here are the top ten most beloved pies across the United States:

1Cream Pie61
2Pumpkin Pie60
3Lemon Meringue Pie59
4Apple Pie56
5Cherry Pie55
6Pecan Pie47
7Key Lime Pie38
8Peach Cobbler36
9Sweet Potato Pie29
10Blueberry Pie21

Iowa's Favorite Pies:

Overwhelmingly, Iowans love their cherry pies, with pumpkin pie and cream pie respectively trailing to the round out the top three. It's been ages since I've had a cherry pie. If I had to pick a favorite, that or apple would probably be it for me:

1Cherry Pie83
2Pumpkin Pie69
3Cream Pie65
4Apple Pie64
5Lemon Meringue Pie62
6Pecan Pie45
7Key Lime Pie33
8Peach Cobbler27
9Sweet Potato Pie17
10Blueberry Pie15
Photo Credit: Thomas Northcut
Photo Credit: Thomas Northcut

Illinois' Favorite Pies:

Illinoisans love their cherry pie too, with a composite score of 50 proving that to be true. However, it's not their top pie after all. Apple comes in the highest with a score of 55, and cream pie got a 53 composite score to take second place.

Wisconsin's Favorite Pies:

Cherry is the overwhelming favorite pie of Wisconsinites, as it had an eye-popping composite score of 98! It blew its competition out of the water, but apple pie (77) and pumpkin pie (66) still managed to crack the state's top three, albeit with less gaudier numbers.

See every state's favorite types of pies on Betway's website.

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