I know I'll be grumbling about this on Monday morning, so I thought I would share this with you before 'trick-or-treating' this weekend.

I'm always making an effort to not be the 'get off my lawn guy,' but this is one of those things I see every year that drives me up the wall.

I know kids are frequently asked, "what do you want to be for Halloween?"

Some kids know, and others don't. For those that do, most moms and dads I know will do what they can to help put together an outfit (within reason), that will look good and please their child.

I assume most people start planning for Halloween around the start of October when Mother Nature is still being kind to us with moderate temperatures. Unfortunately, by the time trick-or-treat night rolls around, the days are much shorter and the temps are much cooler.

I usually set up shop in my driveway with the fire put lit up, so chilly trick-or-treaters can stop by for some candy and warm their hands.

What really chaps my hide is seeing small kids dressed in their cute outfits without the proper jacket or hat, shivering as they reach for a piece of candy. What's worse, I can't tell you how many times I see that kid's mom or dad walking along behind them wearing a full winter coat and stocking cap!

I know you want people who see your kids to appreciate the hard work you've put into their costumes. Trust me, I'd rather see them in a coat not knowing what they're dressed up as, than to hear about them going to the hospital with pneumonia.

Cold and flu season is just getting underway, so let's not add to it!

Have a safe and happy Halloween this weekend.

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