You've been hearing me talk about my New Year's resolution to start getting myself in shape and losing weight.  I thought maybe you'd want to see what I've been telling you about.


This is my Horizon Evolve 3 elliptical that I got from Free Flight Cycle and Fitness on Radford Road in Dubuque.  (Okay, it's not my actual elliptical, but you get the point.)  Looks like your standard elliptical, right?  Not so, my friend.  One of my favorite parts is the ViaFit app that connects directly to my iPhone, so it keeps track of all my workouts.  And because The Palatial Disc Jockey Mansion doesn't have a whole lot of extra space, it folds up when I'm not using it.

One more thing -- one of the things that sucks about buying exercise equipment is getting it home.  At Free Flight, they'll deliver and set up your elliptical -- or treadmill, rowing machine or stationary bike -- for free.

I'm totally in love with my elliptical, and Free Flight made it super easy for me, and they'll do that for you, too.  Go see them today!

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