You might have noticed me missing from the morning show for a few days. I took a quick jaunt to Colorado Springs with my mother and sister, Carolyn.

My youngest sister, Katy, recently moved out to Colorado with her husband and three kids.

They packed their U-Haul to the brim but left a few items behind with my mom. I suggested we give them a month and then take a quick trip out to see them with the other items they couldn't fit.

We spent the evening before we left packing the truck the best we could.

Filling the truck

We left around 6am and stopped in Marion for my sister, Carolyn. She dropped her bags in the back and away we went.

It was a long day. We stopped for a quick sandwich and gas, then another couple of gas and bathroom stops along the way.

We pulled into Katy's driveaway around 8:30pm and got a quick tour of their new home before pulling some of the big items off the truck.

It was exciting seeing their new digs and especially my nephew and nieces. They were so happy to see grandma!

We retired to our hotel to get a good night sleep.

We head back the following day and decided to take the drive north to Estes Park and the "Stanley Hotel." Carolyn is a huge Stephen King fan and explained to us that this is the hotel that the famous horror author penned his classic "The Shining" at. When they made a TV mini-series version of the movie in 1997, it was actually filmed at the hotel.

The Stanley Hotel
The Stanley Hotel

Some of you might also remember it as the hangout used by Harry and Lloyd in the 1994 classic "Dumb and Dumber.

It was a really cool property. They even had a hedge maze, just like "The Shining" movie... although the trees were much smaller and easier to navigate.

Mom entering the hedge maze at The Stanley Hotel.
Mom entering the hedge maze at The Stanley Hotel.

There was even elk roaming the property and when we were done we stopped by the hotel coffee shop for a cup of hot caramel apple cider, which tasted great on a chilly day.

The next day my sister took us to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo.

As zoos go, this place was awesome! The facility is built on the side of a mountain, so there's a bit of walking uphill to each exhibit. They had it all... zebras, meerkats and giraffes.

The giraffe pit was pretty cool. The platform for viewing was elevated so you were eye level with the animals. For a few bucks you could buy a bundle of lettuce and feed them, too!


I did my own twist on feeding the giraffes, though.

Feeding the giraffe

(I didn't see the sign until after I did it... sorry, zoo!)

My sisters were also excited to pay a little extra and feed an elephant, too!

Carolyn feeds the elephant

Later we saw lions, a tiger, wallabees, alligators, monkeys and other animals that I can't even explain... but it was all very cool!

No idea

What a day! We were exhausted so we returned to Katy's house for some dinner and cribbage.

Our last day I announced that I was planning to visit a local "Diners, Drive-ins and Dives" location in Colorado Springs called "Skirted Heifer." I really enjoy the show hosted by Guy Fieri so I try to visit his recommendations whenever I travel.



I ordered their signature burger, "the classic skirted heifer," with grass-fed beef, skirted with cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickle, onion and heifer sauce on their garlic focaccia bun.


Guy said the french fries were "gangster," too... so of course I got an order of those.

Later we returned to the house to help Katy and her hubby unload a few more boxes and take some trash to the junk yard.

Yesterday we spent the entire day driving. I pulled into my driveway around 9:30pm.

I gave my wife and son a hug and kiss and fell into a deep, much-needed sleep.

It was definitely a cool city and it was great seeing my sister and her family doing so well.

Now... back to work.

~Chris Farber

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