I'm usually a pretty positive person.The glass is half-full. The sun will come out tomorrow. It can only get better from here...

Between COVID-19, killer hornets and no summer swimming I think the world is trying to tell me something.

At night I do puzzles in the man-cave while I listen to old records or watch Netflix. It's a nice way for me to unwind. Sometimes I tear through them rather quickly... and others take me a few weeks to complete. It's getting to the end and putting in that last piece of the puzzle that's really satisfying to me.

Well... I finally wrapped up the gumball puzzle I've had sitting on my shelf. I got down to the last few pieces and started to scratch my head. I had enough pieces... but for some reason the last piece I was missing wouldn't fit. It was like I was missing one and had two of another.

Life is stressful enough right now... I didn't need this one release stolen away from me!

I slid the puzzle back into the box and put it in the trash.

The sun will come out tomorrow... I hope.


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