I'm a big fan of the power nap.  I don't have time to drift off to la-la land over a period of an hour then sleep soundly for a few hours.  I get in.  Get out.  Get on with my life.

The power nap consists of 20 minutes of shut eye.  Give or take.  That includes the time it takes to actually fall asleep.  If it takes you longer than 20 minutes to fall asleep you aren't tired enough to deserve a nap.  Try again later.

In an article posted by CNN, they gave reasons why you should consider taking a nap this weekend. Apparently it can improve your working memory . . . it may lower your risk for heart problems and stroke . . . it could help with cravings for sugar and fatty foods . . . and naps may boost your creativity.

1.  It can charge your brain's batteries.  A NASA study on astronauts found that taking naps improved working memory performance.  That involves focusing attention on one task while having other tasks in your memory.  And a different study found that people who took afternoon naps had better mental agility than people who didn't nap.


2.  It could lower your risk for heart problems.  According to a study published in the journal "Heart", taking a nap once or twice a week could lower your risk of heart attack or stroke.


3.  It might help you get into shape.  A 2020 study found the more sleep-deprived someone was, the more likely they were to consume sugar, fatty foods and caffeine.


4.  Naps could boost your creativity.  Researchers have found that the right side of the brain stays active while you're napping.  That's the side of your brain that's associated with creative tasks.


5.  We just lost an hour of sleep.  Springing forward for Daylight Saving Time inspired National Napping Day, which was last Monday.  So if there was ever a time to start incorporating naps, it's now.

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