Happy "National Guacamole Day!" Do you go gaga for the green stuff?

As a kid, I remember not enjoying a lot of things that I do enjoy now.

Sauerkraut, olives and guacamole were all things I dodged on the regular. If it came on my entree I would demand my Mom or Dad remove it before I would enjoy the dish.

I suppose your taste buds change as you age because now I can't get enough of all three.

When I'm out at a mexican restaurant I love the green goop piled high! Mix it with some sour cream? Better yet!

So how about you? Do you like guacamole, or do you steer clear of it?

What's your stop when you need your fix?

Let me know with the 'chat' feature on our app!

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Great.... now I'm hungry for a taco!

~Chris Farber


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