Iowa is home to a decent amount of bridges and overpasses that are said to be haunted. One of the most notorious haunted bridges in the state can be found just outside of Fort Dodge in the small town of Tara.

The Banwell Bridge is host to a plethora of ghost stories. It was originally named Tara Bridge, though it ended up being known as "Terror Bridge" by locals. One of the first stories to come from the bridge dates back to 1893. It's said that a railroad worker was pounding in stakes when one flew up and ultimately ended up decapitating him. This terrified the other railroad workers, for obvious reasons. They refused to cross the bridge, claiming that it was haunted not only by the ghost of their fallen friend but also by a phantom train! They claimed they could hear the rumble of the train's engine and see its lights but it never actually approached.

Photo By Cyndi Monaghan on Getty Images
Photo By Cyndi Monaghan on Getty Images

After this, more terrifying and dark stories began to surface. One of the more famous stories says that a young mother killed her children by throwing them on the bridge as the train approached and then followed suit herself. Locals claim that if you drive by the bridge at night and turn off the engine, the ghost of the mother will appear and attempt to give you the same fate. Scary stuff!

So what do you think? Could the bridge actually be haunted?

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