As our world starts to open up again, I thought it would be nice to take a minute to recognize some of our long-suffering at-home co-workers.  I didn't work from home much myself, but when I did, Chuck Davis -- the hardest working dog in the radio business -- was right by my side.  (In fact, when I'd go to the office some days, I'd bring him along, which he loved...but he kept barking at my boss, which was super awkward.

You can tell me that I'm not the only one who took a picture of their dog sitting at your desk doing your work, but I don't believe you.  (Sorry.)  So, head over to our Facebook page and post up a picture of your pet at work.  Everybody loves a good pet shot, right?  And bonus points if you were able to get your cat to pose.  That's some serious wizarding right there.

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