If you spend time streaming shows and movies on Amazon Prime Video, there's a chance you might've come across The College Tour. Now in its eighth season, The College Tour is a show that revolves around giving comprehensive overviews of American universities.

Some of the schools profiled have been University of Illinois (Urbana-Champaign), Iowa State University, and University of Wisconsin-River Falls just to name a few. The show is slated to go back to Iowa with an episode revolving around University of Northern Iowa (UNI)!

The award-winning filmmakers and producers behind The College Tour came to UNI this past fall to showcase all the school had to offer. 10 UNI students are featured in the episode, and cover everything from academics, faculty, to things to do in the Cedar Valley.

Those wanting to watch UNI on The College Tour will have to be a bit patient. The full episode will be released on June 29th via Amazon Prime Video. UNI students and alumni will be able to get an exclusive premiere of the episode Wednesday, February 8th in the Gallagher Bluedorn Performing Arts Center. A pre-show will take place at 6:30pm with the premiere starting at 7:30pm.

You can see the UNI "watch party" will also be streamed live on YouTube:

Pete Moris, UNI’s Director of University Relations, offered up his praise to the 10 students who participated in the filming of the episode to The Northern Iowan.

We have ten students who just nailed it. They did an amazing job. Really what we were trying to do was get a cross section of not only different backgrounds, majors, and hometowns. Our goal was to find some folks who were passionate about UNI and to share their experiences.

The intriguing thing about Amazon Prime Video's The College Tour is that it could also double as both entertainment and a cost-effective recruitment tool. Anyone who has watched an episode of the show knows that the series does its do-diligence in profiling these universities very thoroughly. That coupled with the ground they've able to cover in an hour-long episode makes these ideal companion pieces to campus tours for prospective students.

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