One day, two big ballads.

Today (May 4), two major K-Pop group members-turned-solo superstars stepped out with respective efforts — both of which happen to be slow songs.-

First, there's SHINee's Onew, who teams up with Roco of Rocoberry for the utterly mesmerizing "Lullaby," an airy and lovely collaboration for SM's STATION, which follows up his contribution to last year's STATION: "Starry Night" with Lee Jin-ah.

Then, there's Sojung, the main vocalist of Ladies' Code, who makes her official solo debut in the form of the Artronic Waves-produced "Better Than Me." The heartbreaking track finds the singer solemnly crooning atop a melancholy piano melody, showcasing her impressive vocal skills. As for the accompanying music video? Yep: that's LOOΠΔ’s Hyunjin.

Of the two ballads that premiered today, we have to ask: which one is the best? Listen to both songs and place your vote below. We'll reveal the results right here next week.

Idols Who Went Solo From Their K-Pop Groups:

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