During the morning show today, Chris and I were discussing a recent poll done by FakeSpot that found that the average American spends around $899 per year on unsatisfactory online purchases. With those numbers, it's estimated the average American will burn $70,000 in their lifetime on disappointing online purchases!

These numbers blew my mind, and I cant lie - there were definitely times I fell into the disappointing online purchase trap. I can honestly say I'll no longer purchase make-up anywhere but in store after receiving a few knock offs. My funniest online purchase mishap, however, would have to be a few years back when I ordered what I thought was a cute sundress. What I actually received was...a doll dress! Needless to say, I was not very pleased. I was able to gift it to a friend's daughter, so it wasn't a total waste at least. Moral of the story - read the reviews before your purchase. Check sizes and dimensions!

Thinking back on this incident did give me a laugh, however. Clearly, the results of this poll prove that this sort of mistake is more common than I had realized. So now I can't help but wonder if you or someone you know has had a similar experience? If so, what's the funniest or most surprising online shopping mix up that you've had? Chris and I want to know! Shoot a message to our facebook page or the chat feature our mobile app to share your story. Bonus points for pictures if you've got them!

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