I have to pick up my son at 3:15 pm everyday. I don't know how drop-off and pick-up work at your school, but I hope it's as efficient as ours.

Jacob is a fifth grader at Resurrection School.

In the morning the drop-off is super easy. Cones direct all the vehicles to approach from the far end of the lot. The first person in line pulls all the way up and cars fill in until there is a full line.

All the kids jump out and walk clear of the cars before everybody pulls away. Then the next line of cars pulls up.

You might normally squirm seeing 25 cars in front of you but the whole process usually takes no less than four or five minutes.

At the end of the day when you pull in, you find a spot and chill out until the bell rings. The staff closes off the lot so nobody comes racing in at the last minute. The bell rings and the kids come out and wait until the staff puts their flag in the air to indicate it's safe to walk.

Once all the kids are safely loaded, the flags are dropped and cars pull out in a nice, orderly fashion.

The only time I have to wait a few minutes longer is if Jacob is on safety patrol.

Jacob doing safety patrol last week.
Jacob doing safety patrol last week.

Usually the thought of having to deal with other people and traffic would be a nightmare for me, but I have to give the staff there credit. It is painless on both ends of the day.

I hope your school day is as organized as mine!

Have a great week!

~ Chris Farber / Y105

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