Some people like playing soccer... others enjoy doing crossword puzzles. Our son likes to cook.

Jacob loves watching YouTube videos... especially those featuring his favorite television chefs. While I've always been partial to Guy Fieri's "Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives" or Bobby Flay's "Beat Bobby Flay," Jacob simply enjoys watching TV cooks do their thing.

Some nights I'll find him watching Paula Dean making some mac-and-cheese or Gordon Ramsey making his famous Beef Wellington.

While I have a hell of a time getting him to do dishes, he has shown interest in doing some cooking and experimenting in the kitchen, which me and mom do our best to encourage.

Over the weekend, Jacob was adamant on making us his version of a mac-and-cheese-burger.

I grilled the burger and mom helped Jacob do the mac-and-cheese, but the building was all is. He started by putting pickles on the bottom of the bun with ketchup and a smear of mayo. Then came the burger and a nice scoop of his mac-and-cheese.

He thought one of the onion buns from the local Hy-Vee bakery would taste best, too.

Me and Lisa savored every bit... especially as he presented his dish to us before we ate and explained the flavor profiles of the dish. He was every bit a chef like Gordon Ramsey. He even dressed the plate with his side of Pringles and we had a delicious watermelon as a side.

Jacob's new 'mac and cheese-burger'
Jacob's new 'mac and cheese-burger'

I'm not sure we're ready to start earning Michelin Stars yet, but he makes me so proud with experimenting in the kitchen.

Do your kids like to cook? What's their signature dish?

~Chris Farber

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