We live in an "alphabet soup society," so to speak, with an abundance of abbreviations, acronyms, etc. Abbreviations are the lifeblood of texting, for they're shorter and punchier than writing out a full sentence of phrase.

The folks at WordTips analyzed more than 18 million tweets to find the usage rate of abbreviations by state compared to the national average. In turn, each state's most uniquely popular abbreviation was revealed and curated into a large map.

Now the real question... what are the most popular text abbreviations in Iowa, Illinois, and Wisconsin?

Photo Credit: Kelli McClintock
Photo Credit: Kelli McClintock

Iowa's Most Popular Text Abbreviation Is...:

Before we reveal it, here it he methodology, straight from the WordTips website:

WordTips analyzed more than 18 million geotagged tweets across every state and the 50 biggest cities, and then calculated the average number of tweets (per 100,000) that contain common textspeak abbreviations. We also analyzed the usage rate of abbreviations by state compared to the national average to find each state’s most uniquely popular initialism.

With this process, Iowa's most popular texting abbreviation was "IMO" (short for "in mu opinion). That was discovered to be the most popular shorthand text lingo used by Iowans.

Illinois' and Wisconsin's Most Popular Text Abbreviation Is...:

Photo Credit: Word Tips
Photo Credit: WordTips

Meanwhile, our neighbors to the east enjoy using the abbreviation "TBH" (short for "to be honest") in casual text conversation. That is also the favorite abbreviation of Wisconsin, Indiana, Washington, Oregon, and other states.

Here are some additional tidbits of info that WordTips uncovered in their study:

  • LOL is America’s favorite initialism, appearing in 1,411 out of every 100k tweets.
  • Twitter users in Georgia use initialisms in 5,942 tweets out of every 100k – more than any other U.S. state.
  • Only 2,125 tweets per 100k from Idaho contain textspeak abbreviations – the lowest rate in the U.S.

View the full results of this study on WordTips' website.


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