Yeah, that's not the rabbit in question, but a bunny killing a beer made me laugh, so you get double fun!  Anyway.

I was today years old when I learned that when jackrabbits fight, they stand up on their hind legs and slap at each other like little kids.  And the way I learned this was through this wondrous video:

Now, admittedly, it looks like a second grade schoolyard fight, but when it's bunnies, it's hilarious.  I can just hear it now...

"In this corner, weighing in at 2.3 pounds, the Master of Disaster, the Bunny With The Money...George!  And in the other corner, weighing in at 2.25 pounds, the Carrot-Chomping Clobberbunny, the Rabbit Who'll Let You Have It...Ned!  Now, let's get ready to RUUUUMMMMMMMMMMBBBBBLLLLEEEE!"

The fight announcer in my imagination likes cliches.

Settle in for the greatest 60 seconds of your day.  You're welcome.

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